PLEASE JUST DON'T PLAY THIS! IT'S NOT WHAT THE TITLE SAYS. IT'S JUST A MESS MADE BY A DUMB KID (me) WHICH DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO BUILD.NOW, IF YOU DON'T MIND...I'm just gonna go do something else with my life. Thank you for understanding (did you even?). Oh yeah and a happy new year I guess. Wait... It's too late... *oof*. You can also find a secret which could be easily found. So yeah. Have fun (which you probably won't have) and do whatever you want! This is made with Roblox Studio. Start creating your own unique games with it! But if you are new, i'd recommend you checking out the tutorials. They help! Thanks you for taking your time.                                                                                                      -me                                                                                                     Don't have enough space left :/.But if you read all of this, why did you just waste your time?Just why. Okay I'm gone, and you should be too.

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