The game is in it's early state and is evolving every week.
NB! Currently the game doesn't have base saving enabled although we save your inventory.
Also there may be frequent server restarts or data wipes, because the game is being rapidly updated.

Lost is being made by a team of 2
solter: Development leader, scripter and main model maker
jacks188: Imports mocap animations and helps make models

Q3 2019: Building, skins, new items

* New data saving and loading backend
* New unloading backend (ammo steal fixed)
* Skins
* Items have rarity color and have skin name at the end
* New Icons
* New rock animations
* Added M4

* Added Repair bench
* Possibly fixed alive time
* Respawn timer (80 sec)
* Armor durability

VIP Servers


This game does not support VIP Servers.


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