Pretty nifty so far.
A simultaneous card-puzzle and battle.

⚠️ This game is very hard to play well. ⚠️ You will almost certainly get destroyed a lot the first time you play. ⚠️

⚽ How To Play:
Press number keys to select cards.
Hold a number and press another to try combine cards.
Click to use your selected card.

Card-combining this way is meant to be very quick and easy, but you can drag and drop if you want to do things that way.

✨ Tips:
Dodge more.
Don't waste your cards.
You can heal teammates.

Bolts shoot toward mouse point when you release the bolt, not the point clicked to start charging.

🌎 Maps:
Tower Hill, 
Ancient Battleground, 
Asteroid Colony, 
-- Planned:
[] Desert base
[] Laketown
[] Volcanic mountain
[] Sky Island city

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