Sensō heiwa yama
War Peace Mountains
Home of 戦争平和村 (Sensō heiwa-mura)
-LadyAka (scripting, gfx, modeling, animation, design, concepts, home collab, some building/home models, most custom models, decal assets, map beyond the base of coast)
-yohomeslice (some building/home models, building collab,  concepts, custom models)
-AoiSourudipu (original scripting, original modeling, concepts, model&homes collab, early version coast&shido-mori regions)
-Ounigo(model collab, concepts, boatmen/lighthouse, custom models, 'special zone'), 
-Yamatsume (shrine, concepts, building collab)
-pikatwo64 (animal models/animation, custom yokai model, home collab)
-TairaGanseki (home collab, custom models)
-JeiBlue (building collab (door, design)
-Orora (home asset collab (doors, window) kampo drawers & buckets, concepts) 
-FireLostSky (custom models)
-Nickzus (help w/ graves)
-Hageshi_Sourudipu (kampo tool models)
-Sourudipu members (concepts, custom models)


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