Welcome to Animations: MOCAP, where you can use the wide variety of Mixamo animations, both r15 and r6. I do not claim ownership of the scripting and some models/ guis. This game is intended for fun.

- Animations by Adobe -

1. No spamming, no scamming, no trolling, hate speech, anything that bothers players etc. 
2. Hacking and exploiting results in a permanent ban. 
3. Admin abuse for staff can lead to suspension or deranking. 
4. Admin abuse for players who purchased admin/mod are not allowed to abuse other players, or use f3x to destroy the map, if this occurs logs will be checked and you may get a suspension or admin removed permanently without refund. 
5. Using animations, gear etc. to glitch in the game is not allowed and can get you banned from three hours up to a week.
6. ROBLOX rules are included - refer to ROBLOX rules for more info.

Edited - [10/02/19] [DD/MM/YY]

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