👀 Raid/ Update 6 is releasing this Saturday!

⚡ 40 Free Fruits
- Click on the Free Reward UI at the top Right Corner and wait for 90 minutes to claim your reward

Update 5:
- Added Dough Fruit (Legendary)
- Added Fruit Trading 
- Added Races (Obtained when spawned in game for the first time)
- Added Mogura Sword (Boss drop from Katakuri at Sea 2)
- Added Katakuri Boss at Sea 2 
- Added New Code: update5 (gives x2 xp for 20 mins and stat reset)
- Free 30 Spins Event still active (Free Reward Button)

❓ FAQ:
- Fruits spawn on the map every 1 - 2 Hours / Despawn 15 Minutes.
- Every boss in the game has a 5% drop gem chance
- Sea Beast spawns every 60 minutes and drops gems with 10% chance and sea blade with 5% chance
- You can buy fruits from the night market. He restocks random fruits every 2 hours 
- Current level cap: 1800


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