I have stopped working on this because of a roblox glitch that I cannot fix, once they have fixed it you will see more updates!

New Updates:
Gui Selection is now better.
Lag Fixes.
Island Bug Fixes.

Coming Updates:
Teleport to other islands

Join in and create your island to build on! Pick it's size, it's layers, and it's layer colors! Best of all, you can name it! After doing all that, you will get teleported to the island that you have made and you can start building!

No one will bother you by destroying your builds,  nor inserting rubbish[trashy] models that will mess up your island!

Think you might get lonely in your own island? Nah- your friends or anyone can send you a request to go to your island! All you have to do is click a button to accept and they will come!

Private Servers


This experience does not support Private Servers.


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