Welcome to the Arena! In this third and final version of Legend's Arena, you'll find yourself in a constantly action-packed battle with other players. By KOing others and gaining points, you'll be able to buy weapons for five different classes: Swordsman, Berserker, Archer, Mage, and Rogue.
Each class is different, having its own strengths and weaknesses. Master them all and become a legend! Perhaps you'll be able to match the legendary power of the Sage of War himself!

A huge thanks goes to photonicreno, IceTaurus, Neper78, FireSniper1, TTdude, The13thHippie, RobloxKid10, Ragnarok99, and many others who contributed their ideas and time to the success of this project.

I recently added a script made by TalentGoesBy that should tone down the amount of exploiting going on. Thanks, TalentGoesBy!

If you take a look at this forum post, you can get a pretty good idea of how LAIII works:

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