DS: Vurse is a free roam game where you can do races, discover new locations, or drive to make money which brings you steps closer to buying new vehicles.
Interfering with races can and will get you banned.

This game is also known as "DRIVE-SHAFT"

Basic Controls:
C - Camera Mode
Spacebar - Hand brake
P - Photo Mode
M - Transmission Mode
T - Toggle TCS
L - Headlights
R - Toggle Phone
Left ALT - Clutch

Latest Update Info:
[~] Fixed game not loading when using Rthro
[~] Monster truck improvements and fixes
[+] Added monster trucks
[+] New engine sound on 6 vehicles
[+] Main menu changes
[~] Moved Testing Branch
[+] Added 2 police interceptors (Moderator vehicles)
[+] Secret
[+] New Car: GT `05
[+] New paint colors
[~] Song changes
[~] Bug fixes
[+] New smoke texture

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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