💻 UPDATE! Grab your loot bag and swipe items from the Super Mart to earn cash in the Black Market! But don't get caught, otherwise the guards will throw you in jail! 

🛍️ Go to the mall and buy all kinds of things like clothes, shoes, pizza, electronics and candy!

💵 Get cash from the ATM machine and fill up your shopping cart with stuff to buy then step onto a cash register to earn experience points! 

👜 Upgrade your shopping bag to hold more products! 

🎒 Upgrade your wallet to hold more cash! 

⚑ Rebirth at level 50 to start all over and become an even richer shopper than before! 

🎵 Funin and Sunin, Rocket Power music by Kevin Macleod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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