Yes there will be a data-wipe when full release is out. We have no plans of the exact date of when it will occur but it will not be anytime soon. It will be a level and inventory wipe, so tabs, skins, and expanded slots will not be affected. We will give compensation for the data wipe such as exclusive beta skins, tabs and supply drops.

Say "/e report" to report an exploiter!

Affiliating with an exploiter will also come with punishment

VIP Servers have separate data, keep that in mind before you buy one! Structures do save in VIP servers and don't decay.

Drop 1x stone on the ground, hit it with a hammer (or a rock). You get 2x Cut Stone. You can do this with a few other materials.

[beta-testing stage]
The game's core game-play is pretty much finished, but there still may be bugs. Report them to us!

Press H to see Controls in game.
Press J to hide your HUD (for screenshots)

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