🎫Use the code "wipeywipey" for a free 100 cash boost! 🎫 📣 

How to Fly: 
โŒจ๏ธ PC: Hold down the spacebar 
🎮 XBOX: Hold down the A button on your gamepad
👉 Mobile/Tablet: Hold down the Fly button which is beside the jump button on screen! 

📣 You've been hired by the Sparkly Clean cleaning agency to help clean high-rise buildings with your trusty squeegee! 📣

 🏢 Clean windows all over town by using your jetpack to fly onto hanging platforms and wash them with your magic squeegee! 🏢 

💪 Level up and earn cash as you clean more and more windows! 💪

 💰 Use your cash to buy all kinds of squeegees! 💰 

🎮 Compatible with PC, XBOX, Mobile and Tablet! 🎮 

📈 Max Level: 2 Billion 📈
 💵 Max Cash: 2 Billion 💵

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