One of TRA's most popular bases, from 2014.
8 versus 15 (easy mode), non static.
8 versus 13, static on other modes.
No glitching.
No exploiting.
No frog jumping.
No spawn killing.
No entering enemy spawns.
Admins reserve the right to remove flaming/distruptive members based on behavior, as well as suspicion of cheating and rule breaking.
Modes: easy - normal - hard
Preflooding ALLOWED.
No prior notice REQUIRED, yet RECOMMENDED.
From Sunday through to Thursday, our raiding times end at 8pm EST / 1am GMT. Our raiding time ends at 10pm EST / 3am GMT on Fridays and Saturday. All raids that go past the raid times go into overtime automatically.
Credits: thea96, CodeNil, Partixel & PeekayCypher

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