Note: Game will have missing stuff but will be playable, Updates will come soon, Please note there will be issues but the game is in Open Beta so please report all issues and bugs to me. Hope you enjoy the game

Zoura - Legend of the Past is a RPGMMO Game that use's the Simpler RPG Theme of Roblox along with lots of ingame stuff so you never get bored. The game doesn't have a max level so you can keep on trying to be above everyone else, We plan to keep the game up to date with new Maps and Weapons along with pretty much everything. We are going to try our best to keep the game Simple for the Theme and Bug free.

>/This game is worked on by the KuzxTeam Studios.

Fixed the XP Rates (Made them easier) Fixed Drop Rates, Fixed the Chatbox, Fixed the Effect Shop, Added XP/Coin Drop Gui. Fixed a issue with Weapon Drops, Buffed Health Orbs, Made Dex 35 for new players, Nurfed the Mobs, F3 Fixed, Armor Fixed

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