Welcome to Life ᴬᴸᴾᴴᴬ

-It's been a long time coming but development has resumed for a huge new update for you guys. Life will soon be moving from alpha to closed beta, bringing lots of awesome new changes! Stay tuned for more info of what you can expect!

Minor Patch v0.3.6
- Updated badge graphics
- Added new game passes (not yet implemented)
- Implemented ‘Met Creator’ badge into the game

!! Disclaimer !!
By purchasing Early Alpha, you get to experience the game while major changes take place. All Early Alpha buyers will be rewarded greatly at release. In life we face many obstacles, and thus this gave me the idea for 'Life'. This is an in depth obstacle course about life. This is not The Sims. Many aspects are unfinished so expect glitches. If glitches are found please don’t hesitate to contact one of the lead developers!

To get spoilers for upcoming updates, receive rewards, and view the development team feel free to join Dex Studio-


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