Wave after wave, the Alien Attack force exhibited neither pity nor hesitation... 🛸

Are you the commander we've been looking for? 👾

Alien Attack is a team-survival combat game. Think you're better than everyone else? Put your bullets where your mouth is, and rise up the leaderboards to prove it. 🌟

[WASD] : Move
[SHIFT] : Sprint
[LEFT-CLICK] : Shoot
[C] : Crouch
[Q] : Change camera view
[Y] : Shield
[T]: Nuke
[SPACE] : Jump
[NUMBERS] : Choose gun

Run into the portal to start the game 🏁
Many unique guns to purchase! 🔫
Use Upgrade Modules to get stronger! 💪
Keep your friends alive, and see how long you can survive the attack! 🕰

Our Pledges:
- Never Pay-to-Win
- Your Feedback > Your Robux
- Leaderboard Climbers can expect rewards 😉

Alien Attack is currently a prototype! Give us feedback to shape the future of this game.

Brought to you by Metaverse Architects (@meta_archs)


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