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Thanks for 10 million visits, was planning the update to come when that happened, but, well. we're still working on it... so uh... just wait a bit longer I guess. For now you can join the LSPLASH group or playtest the new update here!

Ragdoll Mayhem is a fast paced physics based third-person shooter, where everyone is a ragdoll! Use weapons and items scattered around the map to eliminate your enemies. The game is compatible with all devices; you can play on anything!

Private Servers come with a Private Server console; press ~ or type /c in the chat to open up the console (if you are the owner of the Private server)!

Developed by Lightning_Splash (scripting, graphics, UI, music, etc)
Lobby and most maps built by Redibles
Assets and gun models made by nettimato
Thumbnail GFX by @hywwitGFX
Further credits are in the lobby's in-game credits room


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