Ragdoll Mayhem is now rebranded into Ragdoll Universe! In this game, you control a ragdoll with a lot of mobility! You can run, jump, slide, roll, dive, and swim! Pick up guns and eliminate your enemies in the gamemode MAYHEM! More modes will be coming soon; stay tuned!

💾⚠️💾⚠️ Data should be restored; if not, please message me or say so on the group wall!

🎃 HALLOWEEN EVENT: Boss, new items, new lobby, new cosmetics!

📋 Recent Patch: FIVE New Modifiers: Growth, Siphon, Extra Items, Stacked, Lava. New 'headshot kills'

βš™οΈ Keybinds and sensitivity are customizable in the in-game Menu (press M) Settings!

Private Servers come with a Private Server console; press ~ or type /c in the chat to open up the console. /giveaccess (or /takeaccess) to give your friends console access!

Made by:
Lightning_Splash (main dev) 
RediblesQW (builder) 
nettimato (weapon/item modeler) 
and others; check out the credits section in the menu!

Private Servers

Play this game with friends and other people you invite.
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