Ragdoll Mayhem has been rebranded to Ragdoll Universe!

This week's update: Abilities Modifier, Armor Patch item, new kill effect, rebalances

In Ragdoll Universe, you control a walking and bouncing ragdoll! Currently, there is only one mode: MAYHEM, a fast-paced third person shooter where you find items and weapons scattered around the map to eliminate your enemies in a round-based system. More modes will be coming soon!

Keybinds are customizable in the in-game Menu (press M) Settings!

Private Servers come with a Private Server console; press ~ or type /c in the chat to open up the console. /giveaccess (or /takeaccess) to give your friends console access!

Developed by Lightning_Splash (scripting, graphics, UI, music, etc)
Lobby and most maps built by Redibles
Assets and gun models made by nettimato
Further credits are in the CREDITS menu option.

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