MEGA STRESS TESTING. Many more features coming soon. Some of these features will include: Maps, Parkour, more take down animations, shop, more weapons...

Open to any suggestions.

*Credit to ButtHunter4lyfe for making 2 maps

You are an assassin that is assigned targets, but there are others like you, and sometimes the target will be you. Crowds of AIs are designed to look like you, blend in with them to fool your pursuer. If all else fails engage in a wild chase across the map, but be careful because when you start running your target is alerted of your location. The key to this game is stealth.

Update Log
*Character Pack GamePass
*Improved spam 'e' (Only happens when your target is your pusuer)
*-50 penalty for killing civilians
*New map, fixed double assassination glitch 
*Fixed some bugs, new animation
*Animations in abilities tab
*Shows top killers after each round
*Forcefield removed on respawn, new map


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