( This game is very difficult for a new player. Dying is a part of the game it should be expected. )

Left Shift- Shift-lock 
Ctrl - Crouch 
F + M1 - Dodge 
Q - Dash 
Right Click - Heavy Attack (Combat Tool Equipped) 
Left Click - Light Attack (Combat Tool Equipped) 
Tab - Character Stats 
B - Grip 
V - Carry 
` - Inventory 
E - Drop 
M - View Crew Menu (Logbook Tool Equipped)
N - Rob (When Unlocked)
Right Alt - Toggle Geppo (When Unlocked) 

seyvondagamer2005 (Project Lead)
cxmancool333 (Scripter) 
SilverDesire (Scripter)
LeafyIsBerty (Scripter)
PapaCheems (Scripter)
mearfox (Animator)
KyteDesire (Script Helper)
HeyShotyHey (Script Helper)
BurajinScalez (Script Helper)
CheeseStarZXF (Manager)

Special Credits to:
Moltskate (Builder)
axelseeker (Artist)


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