Blow the enemy bomber on this Bomberman inspired game under development. Please message me about bugs you may find.

Latest Updates:
-Extra yield added to Bots AI Code, improving game performance and making them easier to kill.
-Team/Single Mode Title Added;
-Teams PVP recquire at least one player on blue and one on red to start;
-Player Name Gui on top of their heads on PVP, showing teamcolors.
-Bot Enhances (Cycle minor reduction and random directions on Pathing);
-PVP camera mode Option(Focus Map/Focus Player);
-Fixed distance check between client and local positions for bomb placement;
-Hotfixed a bug where tournament victory scene wouldn't show, and experimental team mode was replacing single mode;
-Added team Option for PVP;

For Next Update:
-Fix Bot Bugs;
-Improve Bot Performance.

Tags: Explosion Bombs PVP

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