😀 THE WAIT IS OVER! Wait And Earn is BACK! 😀
- Winter & Christmas decorations
- New Gui Revamp!
- New game statistics on PLAY island!
- New Codes UI found inside the Settings!
- MUCH more features & Major Bug Fixes
Next Update tomorrow with a NEW island and new cosmetics!
Welcome to Wait And Earn, where patience and commitment leads to group funds. In this unique two-week event, you'll try and get in-game time by going AFK, and if you top the leaderboard, you'll get Group Funds!

💸 Get #1 Time in 2 Weeks for 100 Group Funds!

👥 Make sure to join "Weak Studios" to receive your funds!

📅 This rarely happens but if you data resets, please contact Weak Studios group wall!

🛠️ Credits & Sponsors:
@DesertFoxLG & @bananaman0008 - Builders
@setinman2 - Scripter
@Da7oomi2014 - Shirt Sponsor 

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