This game is NEW and under continuous improvement daily
[WARNING] AntiCheat enable - do not cheat or you get ban

It is a complicated and in depth game and you need patience and wits to play it, do not expect to be a common tycoon game

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The main goal of the game is to have fun playing it while trying to make the most efficient factory or the coolest house or both

🔔 Game AUTOSAVE enabled!  -🔔 


Join our group for ingame perks (automatic [G] rank)

🔶New ranks added: 
✔️ Roblox Group ( join roblox group to get it) blueprints 3, buildings 300
✔️ AlphaTester ( join social link and help) blueprints 4, buildings 400
✔️ Y (streamer) blueprints 6, buildings 500
✔️ VIP  (see store) blueprints 10, buildings 800

 If you have ideas please let me know on social links below

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