Welcome to center's Vile, a medieval MMORPG

DataBrain - Terraingle: Databrain's terrain plugin
iBuild_Games - Shop Plugin
Clonetrooper1019- Cutscene Editor Plugin
TwentyTwoPilots - Weather Plugin
And more! Thanks!

 It was a normal day, everyone did their usual activities. They were extremely tired for some unexplained reason. So everyone went to bed early. Everyone had strange dreams about, leaving. Leaving where to where? No one could remember. Everyone one woke up and realized that they weren't in their room. They went out side and realized they weren't even close to home. They were in Center. A unknown place set in a medieval time. Sent their by who knows! Only remembering their pasts and one other thing, their goal. Their goal: beat the vile. The vile are the evil enemies of Center. And so you sent out on your quest...

Thanks for playing, I really appreciate feedback!!!

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