👍 UFO 26 will be released at 70k likes!👍

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💥 Invade earth and blow up buildings with rockets!
👽 Abduct citizens and fight other aliens for money! 
🛸 Customize your UFO with over 100+ options! 
🚁 Destroy the Police, the Army and the Navy! 
💪 Upgrade your stats to become more powerful! 
💖 Buy new UFOs for more health! 

🪐 December 28th Update:
- UFO 25 has been revealed! Use code: "UFO25" for +$5,000!
- New farmers, police and soldiers that try to end your invasion!
- Beam damage scales with beam power against enemies AND buildings!
- New holiday UFOs every month of 2022! 

Join the group for +10% MONEY and XP!!/about

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