🪐 January 21st 2021 Update:
- New UFO! Use code: "UFO16" for starter cash!
- Unlock the Moon City at 5,000 Power!
- 25 R$ private servers!

💥 Destroy buildings with rockets! 
👽 Abduct citizens and fight other aliens for money! 
🛸 Customize your UFO with over 80+ options! 
🚁 Army Helicopters want to stop your invasion! 
💪 Upgrade your stats to become more powerful! 
💖 Buy new UFOs for more health! 

👍 Like the game if you want us to add NEW UFOS EVERY WEEK! 👍

👑 Are you the King / Queen of Simulators? Try out my newest Simulator and begin your adventure to find out!!

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