🧟‍♀️Welcome to the Zombie VS Friends !


💪GIANT!  Zombies will be giant  after rebirth ! 
💥BOMB!  More enjoyable to destroy obstacles !
💪 Game Code:“FreePet”

1. Zombies can attack buildings 
2. Friends can shoot zombies and players by gun 
3. Warning!You will be shot to death 
4. However, the hat equipment can increase your health

You've become a zombie!
 Your friends are hiding behind the fence!
 It's time to move on!
 Defeat your friends and turn them into zombies! 
The world belongs to zombies! 
Step1:Training as a zombie!🎯 
Step2:Defeat friends !✌🏻 
Step3:Get brain Wins!🧠
Step4:Buy More Pets, Gain more training strength!


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