The Victory Bowl is the championship game where the two conference winning teams from the Old Football League compete in the last game of their season to earn the title of Victory Bowl champions.
Victory Bowl IV:
Barton Bruisers defeat the Florida FireCats 13-10 in one of the quickest, low scoring VB game. 

Victory Bowl III: 
Corinth Spartans defeat the Florida FireCats 36-34 during a slight comeback by FFC.

Victory Bowl II: 
Florida FireCats defeat the RedCliff Raiders 44-22 after a long conflicting fourth quarter. 

Victory Bowl I: 
Pemberley Punishers defeat the Roblox Warriors 23-22 after scoring a touchdown in the final 20 seconds of the 4th quarter to end the game with the 2 point conversion.
[OFL] Old Football League:
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