THUMBS UP/FAVORITE to expect speed updates!

[Update logs]
- Added 3 new maps: Airplane, Parking garage, Futuristic parkour
- Kill log stays even when you die
- Anti jump removed
- Special feature for #1 player, he/she have (MVP) right after his/her name when he/she chats
- Damage shower
- Player point per kill
- No more random player, you may use your own character now when you enter the map
- New player list
- Two new maps

[Join the fan group]
- If you have any questions/suggestions, please ask on the group wall instead of messaging me.

[Build a map for me]
- 1st step: Make it a free model
- 2nd step: Make sure it's free to take
- 3rd step: Post the LINK of your model on the group wall

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