👑 LIONHEARTS: Crusade is a medieval MMORPG / action-roleplaying adventure that takes place in the 12th century.

🔥 Engage in faction warfare to vie and contest control of the Holy Land, as you forge alliances and play the dangerous games of politics and war.

⚔️ Players fight and try to gain an advantage over each other via the resource collection system, crafting, quests and player XP points.

LEFT SHIFT - Upshift Movement (Run, Sprint)
LEFT CONTROL - Downshift Movement (March, Crouch, Prone)
LEFT CLICK [HOLD + RELEASE] - Attack (Directional)
RIGHT CLICK [HOLD] - Block (Directional)
Q - Dodge
B - Shiftlock
TAB - Cycle through target lock
F - Interact
R - Inventory
T - Factions
Y - Experience
U - Settings
Z - Emotes
M - Map
C - Toggle Helmet
LEFT ALT - [HOLD] Screenshot Mode
1 - Primary Slot (Two handed + One handed melee)
2 - Secondary Slot (One handed melee)
3 - Tertiary Slot (Shields/Bows)
4 - Tools
5 - Tonics


There are currently no running experiences.