Embark on a medieval MMORPG adventure in Lionhearts: Crusade. Engage in faction-based warfare, shaping the destiny of the Holy Land through politics and war. Unleash your skills in the intense matchmaking battles of the new Arena mode. Dominate in 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, and soon, 15v15 showdowns.

Rise through the ranks, conquer the leaderboard, and earn your passage to the vast MMORPG realm by testing your mettle in the crucible of matchmaking. In Lionhearts, warfare is high stakes—the outcomes of battle determine real, long-lasting effects on factions and their leaders. The status quo of a faction can be challenged and upset by inspired rebels—or an unchecked imperial power can conquer and subjugate lesser factions at the whims of their emperor.

Choose your path as a virtuous knight, mighty conqueror, elusive rogue, or any role your ambition desires. Forge your own legacy in the immersive world of Lionhearts: Crusade, where MMORPG grandeur merges with thrilling matchmaking.


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