[Current Version Beta 0.1]
Previously "Role Play as an Epic Duck"
Created 10/31/2009, Recreated 9/28/2015

IT'S FINALLY HERE! After two years of broken promises and infinite delays, the game is FINISHED!

The game has the same aspects from Role Play as an Epic Duck, but some added features. You now much eat to survive, and you can own houses. The UI has been remastered to be cleaner and friendlier to use. The best feature, however, is that IT IS NOT BROKEN ANYMORE!

This game does not encourage "family role playing", but if you want to do that, I can't stop you. Just remember that you're on the internet. 

Any bugs or problems, send a message to me on ROBLOX or tweet me @Tiger12289.

The old VIP T-Shirts WILL still work. They will give you the same things as the game passes.

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