CTF orange broke and teamkoth tk

Thanks to scioscia13, Scavex,Shadowaslegacy, DarkHyspano, robbe12345, rowerowe71, externalization, xNightfoxxx,scilz and iMcm99 for reporting to broken stuff. 
The only thing that I didn't make was the kohl's maps I use.
xKodanx for helping me testing.

Mostly made by Kohltastrophe -- Thanks Kohl (Unban Kohl 2015)
Kohl had the original Idea but all the improvements / updates were added by me.

Rules Panel by Estceque (Primary creator), Wonuf (Primary Editor), WickedMemory (Secondary Editor and bug fixer).

I'm the first player in FEAR using 'setcohost'/'addhost'/'claimhost' commands. The rest is basically ripping me off.

Credits (All of the maps above were at least significantly modified by me):
Menu GUI: coolepigcohan
SmallStage were made by robostud2.
TDM was made by RCL members, Known as 'Trainyard'.
Obby4: From RAT G6 Holodeck, Made by  Unclear & SorrowsZB.
Rules Panel by Estceque, SwitchOff & Me

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