[Coming soon] | A new experience is launching in the Piñataverse -

👍 LIKE and JOIN our group, collect 🎟️ Tickets and ☸️ SPIN THE WHEEL at the CHUCK E. CHEESE Fun Fair to win FREE LIMITED UGC 🎁 

🐭(Saturday 11/18 - 11am PST): Chuck E. Cheese Mr. Munch Companion (1,000 stock)
🐭(Sunday 11/19 - 11am PST): Chuck E. Cheese Jasper's Ears (1,000 stock)

Rainbow Pods are raining down with adorable Smashlings inside! Grab your net and get ready to chase and catch dozens of unique Smashlings to complete your very own collection! 

🥚 Catch Rainbow pods 
🍭 Tame Smashlings 
💥 Break smashables 
🐸 Party up with your Smashlings to gain power
💫 Unlock new areas
🔮 Explore Rainbow Plateau to collect all the Smashlings!

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