The sonic crew are doing what they always do,lounge around and enjoy their lives.But sonic cant since he never gets a break from Eggman,one day sonic finally snaps and wishes Eggman was never born.Several months later sonic has not seen a glimpse of Eggman anywhere,but soon he is confronted by a winged hedgehog named Elrios.He tells sonic since he has taken the life of a being he must have his life taken aswell by God's hands,of course sonic's new dimensional pals Toxic,Gitz,Freeze(real name:Maya) all show up to help sonic but they need to retrieve the 3 artifacts of the Heavens,The sword of Tranquility, the shield of Hearts,and the key of wisdom.When combined these artifacts form the legendary warrior Equinox and who's power could bring back the dead.If Eggman was not brung back in the next 4 months sonic would be taken to Heavens Gate and be trapped forever.

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