PVMT stands for Plants vs. Mouth Things
PVMT is a ripoff; parody; spoof of PVZ, PVZ2, and PVZ2C.

The story begins, the highly-intelligent Mouth Thing; Laldare Vadir Moudathing seeks revenge upon you, after you beat him in CASIA. There are multiple PVMT courses in CASIA, made by WereMarioBros. Go to the Casia Wiki and look at all the PVMT courses there.


-Timely Fields
-Volcanic Valley
-Hutler's Cove
-Puritan Village
-Airship Assault
-Player's Frontyard
-Wild Man's Jungle
-Medieval 'kNIGHTs'
-Vile Realm
-Sands of Egypt
-Ancient Rome
-Confusion in China

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