Roleplay as a bird! 
🕊️ Explore the world as a bird! Choose your species, customize yourself, hatch, grow up, and build your own nest! 
🕊️ Join the Fan Group to have the [Fan] name tag in game! 

🐣 Next Update: Friday, May 24th
- Hummingbird
- Brand new Flower Field design

🐣 Last Update: Parakeet
- Parakeet Standard Morph
- New Village
- Pick up Books (from bookcases)
- Open and close doors and cages
- No more long wait times to join server

*Aware of slow loading terrain. The chunks of land load eventually if you wait, but I will try to fix this!

ShinyGriffin - Creator, Scripter, Modeler, Map Maker, Animator
Patcha - Modeler, Title Music, Artist, Animator

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