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Welcome to Pet Quest! 👋
The ULTIMATE Dungeon Crawler game with pets! 🐾

How to Play:
🔥 Complete Dungeons to unlock special loot 🔥
⚔️ Open crates to get overpowered pets ⚔️
👊 Use spells, abilities and other powerups to defeat bosses 👊
💪 Collect all the pets and become the strongest 💪


✨ x2 XP EVENT! ✨

New Daily Shop Cosmetics ✨
New Exclusive Cosmetics ⭐
Bug Fixes 🛠️
+ MORE! 

Explore the wonderful world of pets as you dive into unique dungeons to fight enemies and bosses. Collect powerful weapons and abilities to become the strongest and face even harder enemies!

🔄 Join the group for Free Auto Hatch! 🔄
✨ Premium users get an extra daily spin! ✨
🔔 Follow for game updates! 🔔 

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