Be a Greencloak, aider of the Devourer, or spirit animal as you work with others to save the world...or destroy it.

1.Spirit animals have to obey masters; though a little bit of rebellion or reluctantness is ok unless you are a conqueror's spirit animal
2.No animal cruelty
3.No forcing animals to join you; exception being conquerors' spirit animals as they have to bond with the first person that opens their cage
4.No more than ONE animal per player
5.If you're a Marked, don't harm your spirit animal. If you're a spirit animal, don't harm your master
6.No swearing/being innapropriate 
7.If you are a Great Beast (other than the Four Fallen: Uraza, Briggan, etc.)  you CAN NOT bond with a Marked.
8.No using this game as a "hangout place" a place to talk about 
random subjects not related to the game.
9.Don't be the same Great Beast as anyone else (I don't want a server full of Araxes)
11.Report people not following the rules

~Credit to all the creators of the models


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