I give a big thanks to Marky4322 for this place!

1: No Banning/Kicking for no Reason
2: No Cheating/Hacking
3 Follow HRs Commands all times
4: No Jailing/Punishing for no Reason
5: No RDM
6: No Abusing Admin

If you don't follow the rules, you will get banned or kicked
If you see an HR abusing Admin, please contact a Co-Owner or Owner

There are no commands to spawn maps. If you’re on the “Trainers Team”, you will have buttons on your screen. You can drag them anywhere on your screen. You will see “Sword Fighting” and “Gun Fighting”. You need to choose what map you want to spawn. 

All HR’s, if you spawn as a “Blue Team” or “Red Team”, then say: Team [Username] Trainer

If LR’s/MR’s join, please make them on the “Trainees Team”.

When you host a Sword Fighting or Gun fighting match, then you split up all the people in the server. They can be on the “Red Team” or “Blue Team”.

Private Servers


This experience does not support Private Servers.


    There are currently no running experiences.