(Community Server linked below the description)
After the map generates, your objective is to find the Warden's office, get the security code, and using it at the Generators turn on the power for the Facility. Naturally, this isn't all, but this is your objective for now.
You must avoid numerous hazards roaming the halls. If you hear them approach, turn off your flashlight with F, hide, and stand still; it may pass by!
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Controls (no tutorial for now): Q for hotbar, 1-5 for flashbangs, F for flashlight, LShift for sprint, and V for the minimap.

The game is in the earliest stages of development. There are many bugs and the gameplay will change soon. 

*NOTICE:* Since the game will be group-owned in a month, the VIP server price was raised to an absurd number so nobody can buy more servers. Sorry if it confused you.


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