DEMONSTRATION OF HOW GAME WILL BE. In this story, your friend told you that your old friend got crazy, you got there to investigate, what happened to him? find out in this game! 

note: Hey guys, looks like i decided myself to cancel the game :( after many attempts to script everything else good, all was failed :( so yeah, cancelled.. 

Inspired By: HELLO NEIGHBOR Now the friend can kill and follow you. 

There are actually cutscenes. if you don't see them, replay the game, or it might be a bug. TO PICK ITEMS CLICK THEM!! IF YOU GET NEAR THEM AND YOU DIE, THE ITEMS ARE GONE! 

 -NEW FRIEND ANIMATIONS! (including jump and fall!) -NEW START MENU!! -KEYS NOW COLORED INSTEAD OF GREEN!!! -BODY IS NOW VISIBLE! KEYS NOW ACTUALLY GETS HOLD BY HAND! -More soon..... Huge update soon... features new level.. the story... more...

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