➟[Unity]: Fort Arcane *REVAMPING*

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Welcome to Unification's Fort Arcane. The rules for raiding are as follows: -Must restart timer for official raid. -There must be at least 8 Unity at the server -No Exploiting or Hacking is tolerated -All wins must be in a screen shot and sent to MrChappie and Logo3578 for an official win. -Flaming is not allowed -No auto wins, except in the case that a group empty server raids; then Unity wins that server. - If exploitation occurs, the raid is void. -You will be kicked for being woefully/painfully ignorant. Bannable offense if it continues. -Raiders are not to pass the bridge leading to Unity's spawn -Unity are not to pass the tree closest to the raider spawn. -No pre-floods -PM MrChappie and he must be ONLINE 10 minutes before a raid -No port camping All Unity Rules located in the guide are to be followed by the Unity defending the stronghold. Donated by Frized

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