Where are you? How did you get there? 
How Do you get out?
Can you Escape the Maze?

- Find your way through the MAZE of MADNESS, dodging Pit and Fire traps! Look out for pitfalls that can toss you somewhere else! Can you find the way out? Perhaps a Statue or some of the people trapped with you have some clues or answers....

- Leader Board is LIVE! MazeBux is Live!
- Monster Kills, deaths and MazeBux Added!
- Shift to Run! Starter Sword & Lantern!
- All time Saves Active (Data Integrity Saves) Save on log out!
-Completion Badge NOW Active!
- Sound Walls and Effects added!
- MazeLand Temple (Portals) Added!
- Story Sequence Npc's added!
- Across Place Teleport added!
- MazeLand Temple Added!
- Temp Monsters added for cash kills!
- Key Collecting for profits added! Find Loot!

Upcoming Updates
- Gear, Weapon & Spell purchasing
- Player Spells
- Free Roam Area (Portal)
     (Do Quests/ Gather materials to Earn Money!)
- New Maze Portal (Portal)
- Al

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