This is a test server. Some things in this server aren't final.

This place closes during weekdays and re-opens during weekends for testing.

Shift to Sprint/Hide, M for the menu, Tab for the leaderboard. F for secondary/throwable. Space to jump. You can double jump in midair.

This is a test server. Your items do not save.

1. Are you going to add super jump?
2. Are you going to add melee weapons?
Not any time soon. 
3. Are you going to add more maps?
Yes. Later.
4. Will you add wall climbing?
5. Will you add more game modes?
Not any time soon.
6. Will you accept my friend request?
I probably don't know you well enough.
7. Will there be single player mode?
8. Will there be a plaza?
9. Will there be special abilities?
Not any time soon.
10. Will there be ranked?
Not any time soon.


There are currently no running experiences.