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• Ashtown was once home to an international transportation gateway that could send people around the world in the blink of an eye. However, one day, a mysterious accident occurred that shattered the gates, leaving the surrounding area as a strange, black stretch of land now referred to as "Ash". Underneath the overarching bridges, small shanty towns and shipping container communities began to emerge, such as this one...

• This summer, the Shiguto community comes together once again to create "Ashtown"! 

• Contributors: 0skarian, Andrekor, ArsenalZX, AwaiShijin, Ben3879, Bokbok99, Causati0n, Dangerskullscar, Dawnrose12, Dwayder, Dylbox36, Ebur1n, FandaVes, GesaffeIstein, Girrafesonparade, Hoemura, Ink_vapor2, J_mey, Jiangdo, Jofja, Klutzagon, Lem0n_b0i, Lolaphobia, Minhngu16, NOR0i, Omniize, Qiao, Rafasamir, Resonating, RistoLahti, Scylen, Seinorlemon, Soulwave, Tjdwls, Tohb, Xiayurei, ...

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