Feb 02: The Lobby Update and Viewport GUI
Jan 21: Press E will open tool box, Bug Fixes. 
Jan 07: PvP Stagger Changes, Bug Fixes

It is under developing and not fully ready. 
Contents go first. Refinements, Arts and GUI works after.

►About ZF:
Zealous Fighter is a fantasy Fighter game in a world with magic and tech. 
There is a lobby and various PvM, PvP modes. 
It is not exactly a RPG. 

►Important Notes:
Your purchase will support the development.
Paid access players will be rewarded when the game full release. 
This game works on PC (best), Mobile and Tablets
Mobiles/tablets support are pending to be optimized.
Your saves are permanent.

There are instructions on the interface.
In-game indicators are provided for combos moves. 
Key required: Q,W,A,S,D,Z,X,C,R,F,M,O,V,E,Space, LMB, RMB, Left Shift

Social media links below, or Group:

Developing works began in late 2017. not 2013. 

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This game does not support VIP Servers.

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