Get smarter and beat your friends in the Smart Simulator!

Changelog (V3)

* We are now in BETA everyone! 
* Data has been reset for our move into BETA
* New and improved rebirths sytem/wizard coming soon
* New Shop

Changelog (V2.2.1)
* Reset data (old dev who wrote it quit and didnt give us the source so I rewrote it)
* Added a few more items to the lootbox.

Changelog (V2.2.0)
* Fixed book color not changing
* Added chat & head tags for anyone dev+.
* Added loot boxes!
Unlock 1-3 items per loot box. You earn a loot box every time you rebirth!

Changelog (V2.1.0)
* Your book now changes color when you rebirth!.
* Made it so everyone can get into the castle despite size.
* Made a raining crates event, get free IQ!

Changelog (V2.0.0)
* Added castle
* Added wizard
* Added cross-server update messages
* Added chat tags
You can gain 20 IQ every 2 minutes by talking to the wizard inside the castle!

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