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resident evil 4


this is a really cool game you start off on lvl one you have to go in the house and kill the infected then you jump out the window and you continue on and yes your pistol douse have ammo so you have to look around for ammo depends on the gun the color ammo if the gun is a pistol the ammo will be red if its a shotgun the ammo will be green but you will find a shotgun later in the game the game is long there are three lvls the infected get stronger lvl one just to tell you the first boss is the chainsaw guy he is hard to kill so make sure you go in houses and on roofs to get ammo and watch out the infected will pop out of no were i wish you all good luck and you need to stay with a partner you wont survive by yourself so good luck again if there is anything wrong with the game please ssend me a mes and if you think i should add something send me a mes

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